Why Join The Boss Baes?

Our four main reasons to join the boss bae nyc community



To inspire others around you by sharing your story and your resources to how you got started. This is extremely important to us because each day we live to inspire ourselves and others in order to grow our boss bae community.



Our BOSS BAE NYC community is for everyone, it’s like your personal CRM. We host events and meeting greets in order to help you grow your network. Sign up here to receive special emails about our upcoming events.



We provide special business services to help you build your business or help you get started. We know and understand the importance of starting a business the right way. Our two main services: business/financial structure consulting and marketing/brand consulting. These are extremely important for any entrepreneurs starting their very first business. Let BOSS BAE NYC help you structure a successful business. For more information about our business services contact us here. 



We provide valuable information and resources on how to be a successful entrepreneur, business owner, your current position at your company and in life.  We like to view BOSS BAE NYC  as an educational-based community and we encourage our community to share their resources with others. Because when one grows we all grow.